The photos below are from my trip to the Marine Electric and the Monroe which occurred on Sept 11th, 1999. I dived on the Miss Lindsey, leaving out of Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach.

Hey John , I know you had a Dry suit on, don't you know what a pee valve is!

Lobsters, a porthole, a toliet , and even a sink were gotten off the Marine Electric.
Ike the man of the hour, hey George, check out the way he's rigged and tell me how my way doesn't work again.
The Bow of the Monroe.
A porthole on the Monroe with a sea bass looking out.
The anchor windlass on the Monroe.
A diver does his stops on the hang bar on the Miss Lindsey.
Becky, the mate sneaks in a dive on the Marine Electric.
I don't know what it is, but someone has been digging it out.
One of many portholes that are on the Marine Electric