The photos below are from my trip to the "Marine Electric" on July 23, 2000 depth 130ft. I went on the dive boat " Miss Lindsey".
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This is the group that went. This is Jeff, it was his first trip to the wreck.
Everyone takes it easy after the early morning dive. Dave eats a bagel for breakfast.
Becky helps a diver with her gear. There is so much growth on the wreck it is nearly all white like a new snow.
Divers try to figure out what it is they are looking at. Over time it is easy to understand what your looking at.
Lights are used even on day dives to help the diver see more. After the dive, divers deco on Miss Lindsey's hang bar.
OK guys, move your eyes to the left and look at the lobster! Is it easier to see now?
A couple of bugs. Not a bad catch for someone who wasn't even lookin for them.
Ike makes them do tricks. Tim gets back from mapping the wreck.
Neal was so glad it was calm seas.