The photos below are from the VBtech dive to the "SS Marine Electric" on Oct. 14-15 2000. Depth was 130ft
This is everyone who went, notice all the "China" everyone is holding, except Jim, he was looking in the "shitter". Bob Frump moves closer to photo a strange passenger.
He gets a couple of good shots. Its a "Bat", boy is he lost.
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Bats don't like sunlight, he kept going under stuff. Dave gets ready for his dive.
Rick and Eric gas up, while John gets ready. This is the watertight door in the pumproom we could not open.
Rick moves around the top of the ER on one of the catwalks. It was a mess of pipes and snags.
Cobb says screw you, he ain't going in there. This is a stair well we went in.
Once in, a blanket was over your head. You had to swim down this silty passage, "very tight".
Here is the "China" in this muck. Here my light is right on a coffee mug.
Rick is behind me, we start to lose the vis. This is Eric I think.