The photos below are from the VBtech dive to the"SS Marine Electric".
This is the port passage way. Rick checks out the portholes.
I am shooting these photos thru the port holes from outside the wreck. Dave Widen explains to Roger the dive plan.
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Eric, Debbie, Rick, and Mike relax before another dive. Jim Cobb, doing what he does best ;-)
Dave and Rick. It is flat calm at first light.
There goes a small fishing boat. A porthole, Shoe, pants, insulator, and China off the wreck.
The china cleaned up very well. Here you can hardly see the "Buffalo" molded on the bottom of the cup.
The soup bowls have it written on the bottom. Now try to guess where I removed these signs from.
Here is a water pitcher I recovered. Here is a stack of china, some were still in shrinkwrap.
Roger, with his bowl he had everyone sign. Here Roger shows there is no gaskets in the hatches.
Roger also shows all the decking, the official report says it isn't there. This is what happens when you let your secondary reg, fall in front of the prop.