The photos below are from a dive to the wreck Marine Electric...Depth 130ft.. 0n August 29th , 2003 Photos by Judd Lentz and Doug Newton

Some of the china recovered from the wreck.

Aaron and Judd with some real nice flounder they got.
Of course Aaron said they were bigger than his ass......I disagree ;-) Didn't think I would put it on here .....did you. JT, Jeff, Joel, and Jackie with recovered China, most of it is being given to the families of the missing crew.
The group that went on the dive.
The photos below were sent to me of Lonnie Sharp diving a wreck of a missile test
structure sunk off the coast of San Diego in 165 ft as part of a artificial
reef program. Vis was around 80 feet I imagine.

Lonnie Sharp Hamming it up for the camera.