The photos below are from a dive to the Morgan on Oct 21.

Jeff and Steve help out a diver..

Mike gets some rest..
This is Pam :-))))) This is Karen, get out of bed you sleepy head..
The Ches Light Tower we are about to go by.. Everyone takes it easy..
l l
I heard she is a Dr., those dive tables are really hard. ;-) The Kenny and Becky talk on the way out..

Someone making extra money on the way out.


Hotdogs and chips for lunch.
Jeff the lady killer, hey isn't that Kurt's girlfriend on the right. Lunch.....
Hey, do you need help with that reel.. Keep working on it .....
These guys were mad, they said there were no fish on this wreck.. Jeff, take it easy, she belongs to someone else.
I told them were to go to get fish on the wreck, you just have to go further than the anchor line. Miss Lindsey helps another dive boat..