The photos below are from my dive trip to the Ocean Venture (depth 160ft) on June 25, 2000.
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This is everyone who went, I know you can't see them, so I'll move closer. Hey is this better? ;-)
This is Bill and Chris Ripley. Hey, Chris whatcha lookin at? ;-) Boy, you can sure tell Robert is a Dentist, just look at those teeth!
Hey Brooks, glad to see you found the boat this time. This is Tom , notice how he doesn't have any fish.

OK Tom, I'll tell them... I (JT) borrowed his spearpole and lost his speartip. Now can I just buy you one so we can forget about it.;-)

This is Dave Widen after his dive.
Oh Boy Oh Boy..... who's coming to my cookout? Who do you think it is?
Say it ain't so, a diver who was trained by Ted Cole to survive in a cave, but can't find the ANCHOR! RANDY LABELL, I will see you at the cookout. These are the Lobsters I got , the big one was 9 lbs and the smallest 1lb. The Taug was 12lbs.