The photos below are from OpSail 2000 in Norfolk Harbor in VA. We were invited by one of Nancy's co-workers to watch the fireworks from her Condo.
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The is Velma P's condo with a perfect view of the sailboats and Fireworks. Another co worker "LaVonne" stiffed Vel and did not show up, "Girl" you missed a good show. Hey guys, this is "Vel", a world class wind surfer with a "hard body" ;-) she is single and is going to take up diving, she says she wouldn't mind a "Male Buddy"! hint, hint. Click here to Email her VEL
This is some of the fireworks with the Tallships outlined in lights. ....Great show!
Wwweeee Hoooo! WOOOW ....
WWeeeeee! Uh weeeee....
Hey, a smiley face! That's pretty...
Ho no, its in the water! We found out it was supposed to do that.
Great shots! You know, I don't want to wish anything bad, but I wouldn't mind diving one of these Tall Ships off the cost here. ;-)