The photos below are from a dive trip to the "Ostfriesland" depth 380ft on Nov. 15, 2001 Photos by Rick Atkins. Dive boat "Miss Lindsey"

A great day for a dive far offshore.

Capt Charlie looks for the wreck.
You can see the machine marks the wreck and is displaying the depth to the top of the wreck at 315ft. I tell Capt Charlie which spot we want to try and dive, this is my 3rd dive to the wreck.
The water is even calm when you look up. As Rick is heading down he shoots video as he passes by Dave Widen coming back.
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This is the strobe that Mike Scammon put on the shot line at 320ft, very dark on the bottom. No shots of the wreck were good enough to place on this site. Eric does his deco.

Eric shows his computer for some reason, all I see is 367ft, which means he didn't touch the sand..

Can you see the brown cloud behind Eric, he just had an oring blow on his deco reg and had to switch it.
This is Rick and he can confirm what I just said above. This is Tom Sawicki in front and JT waving.
Everything is OK. Tom has a message for everyone: " I'm not turning to the dark side, these guys are really good" and very safe.
Look deep into my eyes, no sign of the "Dark side " in here. The gang hopes you enjoyed the photos.