The photos below are from the dive trip to the wreck "Ostfriesland" depth 380ft on June 22-23, 2002 on the Miss Lindsey Photos by Brad Beskin. Click here for info on the DVD of this dive.

Rick, Jt, Jackie, and Christina talk about doing the dive.

Brad drinks water in a real tough way. Tom lauges behind him.
Charlie Johnson shows silverware he recovered from the Ethel C. Christina looks at one of the forks he got.
Becky fixes steak and potatoes for dinner. I put my battery in the Gavin before the 380ft dive.
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Bill Ripley and Dave Widen get ready to head down to the Ostfriesland. Brad and Becky swim out to an Oceanic Sunfish.
We had 3 swimming around the boat. Bob and Brad help me gear up for the dive to the Ostfriesland..
Tom is ready to go with me.. and so is Rick........
Rick goes in after Tom and me......... Brad goes in as support.
Butch did support also. Rick videos Tom and me at our deco stop at 300ft.