The photos below are from my dive trip to Morehead City, NC. We dived on the dive boat "Diver Down", on April 1&2. The wreck was the Papoose 130ft deep.
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This is the group who dived on the Papoose.

Tom jumped and had a scooter problem so he put it back on the boat.
Debbie Evans gets ready to go in. Ike Bullock and Brooks (VBGD) Barker get ready to go in.
Boy, what a big splash! I get ready to go in, loaded for bear!
This time my hood is on right, hey who ever got my hood off the boat when I dived with George please give it back. We also got some shells.
Tom and I show off the grouper we got. You can see the cut on Toms' forehead, he was fighting a shark for the grouper he shot and hit his head on the wreck.
Jeff said it was the best dam dive he ever did.