The photos below are from our dive trip on Sunday, Dec 5th, aboard the Bayou Runner out of Hatteras, NC. We did two dives on the Proteus and some did one long one.

Wish I had a lazy life like this guy!

We are divers, not cyberdivers.
Man! Flat seas again! This is the mate Mike, the wreck takes about 2 hrs to get there. With Capt. Zig Zag here driving, it took 2.5 hrs. : - )
I kit up for the dive. That's Dave Widen, hey are those DIR approved gloves?
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Some just wanted to get some photos. This is my girl Nancy.
The Capt. helps Mike get ready to tie in. The smiles show that they had a great dive!
This is Kim, short dive for her, she forgot her weight belt! Nancy hangs on the line for her turn to come up the ladder.
Dave had a great dive. This is Eric, I hear he can open up a" Can of Whipass" at work.
Tim gets a hand after a long dive. The old man of the group gets back, 55 mins BT at 130 ft. Damn it! I hope George doesn't see that light around my neck. :-)
These are "slipper lobsters", they got invited to dinner and accepted a free ride in my bag.