The photos below are from my dive trip to the wreck "Schurz" in Morehead,NC. We dived on the "Diver Down" on April 1&2. depth 110ft
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This the group that went that day.

Man it was rough as hell.
I tried to take a photo of Capt. Bobby Cox , but he keep going in the air. Nancy didn't feel good.
You guessed it, she got sick! Will Hart found this knife in the sand , it had USN on it.
He thinks it was on the wreck when it sunk IN 1918! The material isn't right for that time frame I told him. Bobby shows off his grouper.
Dave Widen had his family down for the day, the 2 oldest girls (17) were boy hunting. They couldn't find any so this got matching tattoos!
This is Billy, he owns the Inn that you should stay at when diving on the Diver Down. Its only 50 ft from the boat!