The photos below are from Super Dive Weekend in VA Beach, VA May 18-20 2001.

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Brian helps divers get ready. We all help them get ready.
Here is the group that dived the "Morgan" on the 18th. Allyson sleeps on the way to the "Eureka", but she usually does that ;-)
Here Becky fixes dinner. Allyson woke up and ate 3 BIG BQ's!
Jeff only got one, he was mad at Allyson. This is the bunch that went to the "Eureka".
This is what happens to your manifold if you forget to bungee in your tanks. Poor Rob, this is the second time for him.
This is Mark Laboccetta from "Omer", he talked on freediving and spearfishing. Capt JT on the "Marine Electric"
This is Jim Cobb who co-hosted the "Marine Electric" with me. This is Terrence Tysall, he talked on the "Monitor"
This is our new boat the "Miss Lauren", I was here Capt for the maiden voyage. We had fruit, cheese, and drinks on the boat.
Brian helps AC on board. This is everyone who went on the 20th.