The photos below are from Superdive weekend at LDC on May 12-14.
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This is Tim going on the night dive to the Tiger wreck.

...Hey Tim, is that your catch bag in the prop of your scooter?
We had a bubble watcher, she wasn't feeling to good. OK Chad , I put the photo of MJ getting sick on here, send me the 10 bucks you owe me.
Gary Gentile does what he always does on the boat , read! Can you believe this weather?
The weather man was off by 2 ft. Brad sends up a bag after he unties the hook.
1) The next 4 photos are from last weekends dive to the Phil Mabery I did.This is the strut on the Phil Mabery wreck. 2) The prop has alot of sea growth on it.
3) A porthole I could not recover. 4) The tie in on the outrigger.
This is Linda from Washington DC. She waves Hi to everyone back home.
This is the Shaft on the Luckenbach, were it goes out the hull.