The photos below are from Superdive weekend at LDC on May 12-14.
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I give a lecture about VBtech and deep exploration. ..I went on ...
....and on... ....and on...
It was dark by the time Jim Starcher gave his lecture on the "Challenger Recovery " Gary gave a great talk on a WW2 wreck.
He was the last speaker of the night. Hey man, do you really need all those seats?
OK Ken, you told Linda how deep you have been for 2 straight days, did you ever ask her out? ;-)) Do you see anybody out there?
Well I did, its my job to, Becky and Mike go to get him. "Who's coming to my cookout"!
They just drag him back. Just how far was he?
Everyone points to where he is, but who is it? OK Chris Ripley I loaned you my scooter, but that does not mean you can leave the wreck and get back. Use alittle caution next time.
Does this look like 4ft seas, NOAA don't know weather. From L to R Jeff Hewlett, Gary Gentile, JT Barker, Ken Clayton -- OK OK don't get smart with me, I dived with George too didn't I :-))
Brooks got his "Mojo" back. I got a small lobster and someone tried to be smart and put it on my shoulder. It had my hair, then got my cheek. I was not a happy camper.