The photos below are from my dive trip on March 3-5 to FL to dive with George and Dan.

My truck is getting full.

Jim puts his stuff in the trailer.
This trailer has it all. The group did not know what to expect from George, so we were ready.
We gear up to go dive the "Skyecliffe" on the "Deeper". A lot of gear is used for a deep dive.
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From L to R: Bill, Ike, Dave, JT, Jim, Brad, Rick, and Craige. Man what a gang!
We head to the inlet. Everyone is talking.
We get to the site and the "Little Deeper" is there. Dave gets ready to dive the "Skyecliffe", depth 200ft.
Craige gets ready as well. Jim kits up.
Notice Dave's well marked stage. Craige is that a poodle jacket I see?
Bill gets ready. Ike gets ready also.
Ike said the current was strong, but not as strong as the "Monitor current". Alan talks to the gang.
Capt. Doug takes us back in after a dive to the Bud and Becks. We gear up to dive with George.
What a mess of gear. Here we go again.
Nice boat. Mike Kane rigs his gear.
And so does everyone else.