The photos below are from my dive trip to FL to dive with George Irvine and Dan Volker on March 3-5 2000.
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Rick and George talk before the dive.

George's gear in his Van.
For all you dummies out there "Trey" is George. A mass of gear starts to build on the dock.
From L to R: Mike Kane, George Irvine, Dan Volker, Jim Cobb, JT Barker, Dave Widen, Rick Atkins, Brad Baskins. Photo by Bill Ripley. Same group, but Ike Bullock can be seen in the back behind Dave.
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Oh no! We had to get towed in.
Dave checks out George to see if he measures up to that 18,000 ft. of line. Dave said it is 17,999 ft 9 inches short! Now we know what the "PP" stands for. ;-)
If I were you I'd keep bragging about the length of line , ;-) Stop it Mike, you'll never measure up!
On the way home Brad said he wanted to "Do it Right". So we stopped. He picked out the one he wanted!
Then went in to get her.