The photos below are from my dive trip to FL to dive with George Irvine and Dan Volker on March 3-5 2000. These photos were provided by Bill Ripley and Jim Cobb.

The gang has dinner at the "Cuban Cafe".

We had a blast and great food, thanks Carlos!
The guys load up their gear. Capt. Leo gets off of the "Deeper".
We all used Apollo/Dacor scooters and Rick used his homemade gavin, none had any trouble at 200 ft. These guys had a lot of fun.
Dan Volker, Mike Kane,and JT Barker We get on the boat to dive with "George".
My girlfriend was betting that there wouldn't be enough room for George and me on the same boat. Now this photo ranks right up with another I have, who would have ever thought G & I would stand next to each other!
What are these guys looking at? Man, its a spinner shark!
OH Boy, what a show! This is Curt Bowen with "Advance Diver Magazine".
Now look at those faces, do you see any anger in them. JT, Brad , and Dave have a little lunch before the dive.
Hey Mike, what are doing to George's tanks behind his back? JT must be telling another story.