The photos below are from our dive on the Tamaulipas (aka the Far East Tanker) and the Manuela on June 9 & 10th. Photos by Nancy Hite, Mike Boring and Brad Sheardd

Standing: Brad, JT, Yoda, Mike B., Karen, and Matt
Kneeling: Bobby and Mike P
JT and Bobby waiting for the divers to come back after the first dive on the Tamaulipas
Karen Flynn exploring the wreck A large Lion Fish on the bottom
Trigger fish swimming among the bait fish. A turtle swimming along the bottom.

Matt checking out tthe wreck

Bait fish swarming around the winch
Yoda posing for the picture while Karen swims behind Mike "the Caveman" checking out the hull.
The engine of the Tamaulipas Bait fish around the engine
Karen Flynn The prop of the Tamaulipas
Karen swimming under the wreck Sand tiger with bait fish
Inside the Tamaulipas Lots of bait fish on the bottom
The bow Swimming along the bow
A turtle with the Caveman hot on his tail! Mike B
Matt Mike P
Yoda Bobby
Karen JT
Brad Matt
Mike B. Yoda
Karen returning after a great dive Mike picking up trash that was floating by while we were on our surface interval