The photos below are from our dive on the "The Deeper" on a reef off Boynton Beach FL on Dec 17 2011. Photos by Nancy Hite

The marina is by a really cool bridge over the inter-costals waterway.

Nothing says "Florida" better than a palm tree.
The pelicans getting the fish scraps. Pelicans waiting to be fed.
The dive boat "Deeper" JT getting ready for our first dive.
JT is holding our dive flag. Pretty fan coral everywhere.
A large turtle that was sleeping under a section of the reef. Angel fish were everywhere.
Can you see the ray? Well, it was not there but left an outline of its self in the sand. Lots of fish on the reef.
A large grouper or "Jew Fish" as they are commonly called. The grouper swims away.
Coral and fish. A moray eel hanging out.
Posing for a picture. He was a large one.
Another turtle swimming by. A ray out swimming.
He swims right under me. Pretty fish.
Another moray eel. More angle fish.
A school of fish. More fish.