The photos below are from a trip to the Dixie Arrow on May 26, 2007 Photos are from Doug Newton and Nancy Hite photos *
Steve does some fishing during the SI. Well, he did have fun even though it wasn't the biggest of the day.
Anthony catches a triggerfish. He had fun!.*
Steve heads to the wreck. Anthony does the same.
The port bow of the Dixie Arrow has fallen off.
Can you see the big Cubera snapper in back?.
Just plain fun. Carl on his dive.
Not one of those pretty fishes again. Easy diving .
Carl says let me show you how to do it. Hooked up!
Nice Triggerfish And another .*
And another! * Too small. *
Charles with a Mahi Mahi!* Gettem Charles! *
Big jump! * Almost in. *
There he is.* Nice color! *
Now that's a nice one!* ..........*
JT nets it.* Dinner!*
Not a bad catch for a diving trip.* Steve , Carl, Anthony, Charles, Capt JT, Doug*