The photos below are from a trip to the Tarpon on June 2, 2007. Photos by Doug Newton , Nancy Hite*, & Brad Sheard**
Doug helps Brad get in.* Doug helps divers with current.*
Penny gets ready to go in.* Matt does a back roll.*
Karen likes to hop off.* There she goes.*
Brad gets dolphin swimming around him. About forty of them in small pods stayed with us for nearly 40 minutes.
Really cool to see, never have I seen them stay so long. Amberjack on the Tarpon.
Lion fish. A Ray swims across the sub.
A turtle lays next to the sub. Looks like he may have a hook in his mouth.
Grouper on the wreck. Some more grouper.
Amberjack constantly circle the wreck. The Ray again.
These are the photos Brad took while they swam around him in the photo above.** Brad shot these in B&W.**
Can't beat a dive when this happens.** Matt and Brad on the way in.
Karen. Doug Buckey and Mike Boring.