The photos below are from our dive on the Tamaulipas (aka Far East Tanker) on June 4, 2011, Photos by Mike Boring and Nancy Hite

Michael Schlink explores the wreck.

Sand Tiger
Sand Tiger swimming above the wreck.. Mike Schlink using his scooter.
Bait fish everywhere. Karen Flynn with no bubbles!
Karen behind the bait fish. Engine and Boiler.
Brad Sheard checking out the wreck. Red Snapper.
Trigger Fish. Karen Flynn on the line.
Brad hanging under the boat. Deco stop under the Under Pressure.
Capt JT Nancy
Karen's plan for not being left on the wreck - yeah right! A little arrow crab hiding - do you see him?
Bait fish swimming around the wreck. Sea urchin
Sand Tiger Sand Tiger checking me out!
Amber Jack above the Bait Fish along with Sand Tigers. More Bait Fish.
Lots of growth on the wreck. Do you see the sinker?
Karen Brad
Michael Yoda
Mike Yoda after his second dive - Mike had to use the Budwiser recall system to get him to come up!
Nancy Jt on the Diver Lift
Bobby and JT with the Mahi Mahi Night time at the marina......