The photos below are from a trip to the Dixie Arrow 100ft and Abrams 100ft on June 11, 2006 on the Under Pressure. Photos courtesy of Doug Newton and Joyce Steinmetz.

Group photo from the dive to the Dixie Arrow. Not my bag, don't know what it is.
??? More wreck .
The boilers Triggerfish.
One of those pretty fishes. ....a Sea Bass.
Not another pretty fish Taste like chicken.....not
filefish? Spadefish.
Trigger fish Gear and shaft
Sand tiger Sand tiger
Gobie and eggs Pink and orange soft coral
Do you see the fish? Lion fish
Joyce on her way back up. Judd getting ready for the second dive.
The Flying Fish joins us at the Abrams Roy and Kim during the surface inteval
Twisted ladder on the Abrams Just a few fish on the Abrams!