The photos below are from a dive trip on June 13, 2009 to the Dixie Arrow. Photos by Nancy Hite and Ryan Meglathery* and Tyler*

JT heading down to the wreck. Looking down where the anchor is tied into the wreck.
Debris field on the wreck. Amberjacks swimming on the bottom.
sheephead Cool coral.
One of the boilers valves on top of the boiler
It looks like a wine goblet sitting on the boiler. Some brass showing where someone has been working.
Sandtigers Amberjack swims over a divers bubbles.
Sea Urchins litter the wreck Lots of fish on the wreck
Sandtiger Another Sandtiger
A Trigger Fish Another
Sea Urchins Sea Urchins
Ryan going inside the wreck. Look no bubbles! * What good trim!*
Ryan crusing down the wreck!* Ryan sneaking up on the fish.*
Ryan checking out the wreck* Back side of Ryan's rebreather*
Sandtiger* Sandtiger*
Tyler with proper trim even with bubbles! *