The photos below are from a trip to the British Splendour on June 2, 2007. Photos by Doug Newton* & Nancy Hite
Kelly looks at a shark.* Nice fins .*
A shark checks out the lift bag that is holding the hook and chain tight.* A shark swims just under Kelly.*
Triggerfish are mean.* Lynn, Rebecca, & Mike Boring.*
Kelly has to show off her trim!* Still showing off!*
Anthony hangs. * And swims with the fishes.*.
Anthony on the wreck.* Doug comes back to tell where we are on the wreck and JT where the fish are.
A The Boring family had a blast. Kelly says hell yes to Hatteras..
JT hooks up on a fish. Nice grouper.
Man that's clear. See the Mahi Mahi jumping around on the deck.
In the box he goes. Now that's a group.
Good catch for a dive trip.