The photos below are from a dive trip on June 19, 2009 to the Dixie Arrow. Photos by Nancy Hite and Michelle Alston*

Andrew, Captain Richard, Barry, Sheryl, Michelle, Kim, and Lance Barry heading down.
Sheryl with the spear gun. Andrew jumping off the back.
Andrew is ready to head down. Lance doing a tap dance!
Lance starts his dive. Richard and Michelle ready to start diving !
Michelle splashes. And is OK
Richard dumps his air and starts his way down. Sheryl checking out the wreck*
Michelle says - Look at me!. * Now she is ready to get moving on the wreck.*
Dixie Arrow. * Amberjack. *
Richard. * Help I'm falling. *
Diver swimming along side of the wreckr. * Baitfish. *
Grouper. * Who the hell is that! *
Can you see me.* Kimberly.*
Kim just checking things out.* Kim gets moving.*
Peek-a-boo.* ????.*
Sea urchins.* Andrew.*
Andrew.* Andrew looking for his spear.*