The photos below are from a trip to the Abrams 100ftt on June 24, 2006 on the Under Pressure. Photos courtesy of Doug Newton and Larry Horne.

Capt JT talks to the fisherman to see what the conditions are. Larry and Gary ride the wild seas of Hatteras!
A ray in the sand A twisted ladder
The boilers The stern section
Debri field Boilers
Hum, what is this? More debri
The windlass. Bait fish with a barracuda cutting through them
A spade fish Another cool fish
The ray in the sand Looking for the good stuff.
Checking the wreck out Riding the scooter
A large barracuda JT cooling off
JT rolls off to dive. Jt getting back from his dive, boy that was quick!
You look a little fuzzy JT, oh, the photo is stretched! Going down to the dive
The wreck Another pretty fish
Riding the scooter Pretty fishy!
Plant More fish
See the flounder? You see him?
This kinda looks like a porthole.... It's not, just a leavearight...
Riding the scooter Coming back up
Checking the lift bag What's under it?
Coming up the anchor Still has his lift bag