The photos below are from a dive trip to the Proteous on July 7, 2007. Photos by Nancy Hite* and Doug Newton.
David Preo, Lauren Hermley, Kevin Campbell, Michael Word, Dana Hatcher, Andy Hatcher, along with Jt and Doug.* Lauren prepares for the dive the night before. Hum, what is this about bananas on the boat? Good thing she tossed them in the water....
This is a nice Bull shark over the wreck. Most of them were right by the anchor.
Mike checking out the stern... Lauren looking at the wreck, cool blue fins!
David enjoying the great vis above the wreck. Lauren and Dave.
Where is Nemo? Great shot of prop.
You could see the boat from the bottom, vis was great! Dave on the line.
Yeah, Dave was really enjoying the calm seas! Dana checking out a port hole.
Andy swimming by..... Mike works on the port hole....
Lauren looking for the "little captain" Mike pulling himself along the wreck.
What is better? The one blue fin or the cool sea critter?