The photos below are from a dive trip on July 11, 2009 to the Dixie Arrow. Photos by Nancy Hite and Bobby Duncan*

Ryan checking out the wreck The bow of the Dixie Arrow
A sandtiger swiming down by the sand Sandtiger
Sandtiger Side of the bow
Debri field just aft of the bow Bobby and Trina
Cool coral Ryan
Lots of fish Sandtiger
Andy with his video camera Sandtiger
Sandtiger with Andy following behind Sandtiger
The bait fish were everywhere! More fish!
Rays playing in the sand. ** Close-up of Sandtiger.*
Bobby aren't you getting a little too close?* Trina watching Bobby and the Shark!
Mario coming down for his dive. Look, no current!
Mario and Anthony heading down Bait fish under the boat.