The photos below are from a dive trip to the Dixie Arrow on July 14, 2007. Photos by Nancy Hite & Doug Newton*
This was the group that went, lead by Richard Tarr....who couldn't make it at the last minute. These were the freedivers who were on the wreck.
They could hold their breath for a long time . The floats told you where they were.
One does a perfect descent. You kinda had to watch to understand it more.
This was the charter boat Sea Angel. Capt Bruce keeps an eye on his freedivers.
A freediver is off our bow. He comes up with a big African Pompano.
Time for lunch so Nancy and I make some hotdogs and send them over to Capt Bruce! Rapped in foil and in a zip bag..
Doug got in! And made a special delivery.
Pizza Hut ain't got shit on us! Lunch arrives!
Ron came with a 7mm and once he heard the water was 80 degrees he went with his shorts and a Tee. I catch some B-liners.
Barry fights a big fish. Still at it and then it gets off.
Mark heads down to the wreck*. Barry goes to hunt fish.
Catherine and Don. Ron hunts fish.*
A sandtiger shark.* The Stern of the Dixie Arrow.*
A freediver on the surface.* Another freediver heads to surface for air from the Dixie Arrow.*
I let Doug drive in the inlet again. But he better not mess up or he dies.
This is a cobia speared during the Omer spearfishing contest. This is a cobia and African Pompano.