The photos below are from a dive trip to the Dixie Arrow and the Keshena..

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Somethings on the fishing line. A nice amberjack!
What's the long black shapes? . I see a bad day for the jack coming. .
Seven Baracudas attack the jack . He was in real trouble !
They ate him up ! Capt. Greg comes back from a dive, hey is that my tanks?
Yes he says ! Kent still watching out for sharks !
There it is! WOW!.
The unknown diver. Who is that?
Nice! Fish!
Spadefish! Triggerfish!
Coral! Boilers!
Mean triggerfish ! They will bite you !
 WOW!  Really cool !
Photos by Mario from here until group...Kent looks for a shark Spadefish!
Sea Urchin ! Kim!
I don't know what it is ! You tell me !
I think it's a tripletail ! Coral!
Baitfish! The bow of the Keshena!
We had fun !