The photos below are from a trip to the Proteus 130 ft and Dixie Arrow on Aug 5, 2006 on the Under Pressure. Photos courtesy of Doug Newton and Larry Horne.

Doug getting ready to toss the lines. Leaving the inlet.
Doug getting ready to ride the hook down. Nancy feeding the line as Doug rolls off the boat.
Garry getting his bag ready. The Flying Fish diving along side of us.
Barracuda caught during the dive by Johnny. JT releasing a hook from a fish.
Larry and Garry on the bottom. Sharks under the stern.
Sharks just hanging out. A nice close up shoot of the sand tiger.
Two sand tigers under the stern. Johnny looking for fish.
Fearless underwater hunters... A diver searching the wreck.
Check out the oyster toad A face only a mother could love!
Fish on the bottom. They look large when you get up close.
Barracuda under the boat . Checking out the divers up close.
A plaque on the bottom of the Dixie Arrow. Swimming with the bait fish.
A diver traffic jam! Another large sand tiger.
Coming back from another good dive! Top Hook following us in trough the inlet.
Top Hook passes us in the inlet.