The photos below are from a dive trip to the Proteus Aug 5, 2007. Photos by Nancy Hite and Doug Newton
Divers do their safey stop. A remora swims around them.
??. Diver coming back.
Look at me he says! On the wreck.
.. !
Stop for the photo! I didn't catch that one.
Going down ! The remora awims around the boat!
There it is! It kept going under the boat.
Doug recovered the mast cap! Used to raise the flags!
Then he got bent! Bill keeps an eye on him!
   We put him on a faster boat that also had a diver bent but had no 02. I had enough for both!
Doug lays down!  
Bill also gets on to aid with 02 for the other diver! The boat is very small but fast!
Off they go to met the chopper at the USCG station in Hatteras! Plan your dive and dive your plan and you can avoid this!