The photos below are from a trip to the British Spendour 130ft and the Dixie Arrow 100ftt on Aug 6, 2006 on the Under Pressure. Photos courtesy of Doug Newton.

Part of the British Splendour. An oyster toad looking out of his hole.
A ray swimming along the bottom. Sheeps head on bottom.
A barracuda on the bottom. A ray out in the sand.
Rays out in the sand. A cool sea shell out in the sand.
Jay hunting along the bottom. Dave takiing photos.
Chip checking out Doug. Kevin and Lisa on the anchor line.
A sand tiger swimming above the wreck. Everyone after the first dive.
Divers on the Dixie Arrow. Kevin waving to Doug.
Chip crusing on the wreck. Jacks on the wreck.
Lots of fish on the wreck. Kevin waving.
Lisa working her way up. Lisa had a good dive.
Clear warm water under the boat.