The photos below are from some fishing trips during 2006.

I have designed the boat so the dive bench and latter can be removed and ready to fish in about 20min. I have a 450L ice chest, live well, and lots of deck space for fishing.
This is an African Pompano I caught jigging during the SI on a dive trip. This is a grouper.
These guys got some nice spadefish on a half day trip. Really nice.
The two girls in the front are gonna be mates on the Under Pressure in a couple years.......need to be eighteen......Nancy says "NOT"! Alston says hell yeah! This is an overnight trip, these guys fished all night. I know what Alton's I wish those girls were on this trip.
This is a nightlight stick, it attracted all kinds of stuff during the night. We even had a 400lb shark come up and eat the chum bag. There were lots of squid in the light around the boat.
Capt Steve used my cast net to get some, these were alive and that is why they look red. Hooked up at daybreak.
Nice scrappy barracuda, but not the biggest one. Amberjack.
Yellowfin tuna and a king. Some grouper and snapper.
Yea Kelli & Paige were all over Alston. I swear I didn't do it, crossed my mind though. Always remember sixteen will get you twenty.
Besides the boss has my back.