The photos below are from the Jackie Smith Memorial weekend on August 11-13, 2006. All the photos below were donated from the divers present.

It wasn't the best day, but we got a dive in. Joel gets ready as the others watch Tom suffer.
Many of us had our do rags on, because Jackie always seem to have one on. Mark and Joel get ready to dive.
Joel adjust his gear. We come into the sound.
Charlie gets ready to cook on the grill. The gang hanging out on the boat.
We talk as Adam runs tables. Jed says who needs tables..
A walk over to the beach. Doesn't look bad inshore.
We head out in the afternoon to spread some of Jackie's ashes, Mark takes it kinda hard. But still manages to document the event.
Lisa, holding her's a pair of shoes that makes one think. Charlie and Joel were there beside her.
Lisa and Charlie, it was a sad moment but needed to be done. The shirt says it all.
It was just a little ways out. With support Lisa lets Jackie go.
Into the sea of which Jackie loved. It was all I could do to just drive the boat.
There were no happy faces. A bitter day.
Me with my do rag and Jackie shirt on. Joel has his.
On one of the days a tired bird landed on the boat, he was given freshwater in a mask . He rode the boat all the way in.
Never tried to fly away even at the dock. Jackie's white boots.
I back the boat in. And tie it up.
A sad reminder he is gone. Adam and Charlie.
The Under Pressure. Charlie.
As the sun sets. And ends another day.
Jackie's Memory . Will forever stay.
Lisa and Charlie unveil the plaque at Lake Norman.  
Garrett, Tony, Charlie, Tom, Jed Charlie and Deb.
Lake Norman . Doesn't look like anything could or did happen.