The photos below are from a fishing charter. photos courtesy of Whitney and JT.
Several sand tiger sharks were caught and released. All in the 200 plus range!
All in good health. I cut them free.
Another large one. A night light stick was used.
Amberjack were caught. Everyone fished .
Whitney Bennis fights a big shark. Her dad also does battle!
We all watch to see who does it better! Capt. Steve Bennis lands a jack.
Looks like bait to me! We wire up Whitney's shark!
There it is! Capt. Steve Wray hooks up! Look at them knees buckle.
Everyone is getting tired now, each has caught a big fish! Lots table fish were also caught!
Nice! Alston holds up Whitney's first ever citation fish!
Steve with a small snowy grouper! Whitney with a nice amberjack!
Capt Steve with a small snowy! Dane Wray with a Speckled Hind!
Nice amberjack ! And a Sailfish caught by Eugene Kesler!
 WOW!  Really cool !
But it was a good trip! Most of the fish were used as bait or eaten by the barracuda!
The count.... 7 sharks, one sailfish, one wahoo, a couple of mahi mahi, several snapper /grouper, several amberjack & barracuda, and many other wreck fish!