The photos below are from a dive trip on Aug 15, 2009 to the Manuela. Photos by Nancy Hite and Capt Mario

To view a video of the dive taken by Capt JT, click this link

Video of the Manuela

We knew it was going to be a good day when there is a rainbow over the Under Pressure!  
Andy, Ryan, Trina and Bobby work on their tables for the dive. Capt JT driving out the inlet. It was FLAT calm!
Co-Capt Mario, Bobby, Trina, Austin, Kristine, Ryan, Andy, and mate Trey Capt Mario is saying it is "Awesome"
DIvers making their deco stop Ryan with his rebreather making his stop on the anchor line.
Austin at his last safety stop Kristine doing her deco stop
Bobby and Trina checking their tables for their deco stop Andy hanging on the line after his dive making his stop.
Lionfish Another Lionfish
Part of the bow Amberjack on the wreck
B-liners on the bottom Some tropicals mixed in with the b-liners
Anglefish B-liners by the anchor
Amberjacks under the boat Amberjacks swimming by the divers doing their deco stops
Looking up at the divers hanging under the boat. What great vis! Nancy waving to the divers making their stops and checking them out.
What great vis and flat seas. Perfect for the safety stops Nancy hanging with the last two divers doing their stop.
Kristine and Andy Kristine doing her last stop