The photos below are from a trip to the Proteus 130 ft on Aug 19, 2006 on the Under Pressure. Photos courtesy of Doug Newton* and Bradley Sheard.

Brad takes some great photos of the sharks on the stern. Really cool looking.
Shark up close, diver in the back. You can even see the prop in the back.
Another shark . Mike Boring and his son Dan.*
A school of spade fish.* An eel.*
Sandtiger.* Up close .*
Proteus stern.* SandTiger. *
Boilers.* Brad with his camera.*
Karen waves Hi.* The bottom of the UnderPressure from a hundred + feet.*
Dan comes back.* Mike coming back.*
Everyone doing deco.* Cliff waves from the Akayla.*
Brad readies for another dive.* Dan and Mike doing their SI.*
Oh NO! one of those Fxxxing pretty fish again.* Grouper.*
He's got an eye on you.* Another large sand tiger.
Want some tail?* Looks like those guys are just hanging around for another dive.*
A diver heading for the ladder.* Karen just loves that NC current.
Brad says what current.*