The photos below are from a trip to a Virgin wreck on Sept 9, 2006 on the Under Pressure. Depth was around 290ft inside the wreck and around 280ft outside. The water was 49-50 degrees on the bottom. Photos pulled from Tom Sawicki video.

Jim Krueck, Capt Greg Klefeker, Doug Newton, Tom Sawicki, Charlie Johnson. Sorry the photos got blurred by accident.
JT puts a strobe on the anchor. The aft house.
JT moves in closer to look. The back of the aft house.
Top of the aft house. Dog sharks laying on the hull.
I think this is the generator. One of the boilers.
JT looks at a porthole. The hook was fouled when it was dropped and was in a bad way in the wreck.
You can see my hand on one of the tines as I try to free it. Once out you can see how is tangled.