The photos below are from a trip to FL on Dec 26-29 with Tom Sawicki to do some cave diving. We dived Ginny Springs, Peacock, Orange, and Telford. I don't dive enough caves to consider myself a true cavediver. It is safer than ocean wreck diving, but requires skill.

I forgot this guys name at Cave Excurstions East. But showed Tom where the bone room is in Ginny where we wanted to go look.
I sent out an email that I was going to FL and Chip said the buddy for his trip had bailed on him, so he dove with us. We met Scott and his wife Sara with their new baby Samantha while at Orange and they did some dives with us also.
We all dived Telford and I found I liked it very much. Telford is a hole in the ground next to a river which is usually underwater I'm told.
You can see that the water level is low. Tom carries his tanks down.
We are parked at the top where the water should be close to. Scott also parked high.
There are two sinks once into the tunnel, this is the first one. The second is back in further over here.
We popped up in the second sink on the way out to see if it was a place to exit if you had to. This is something you should not do unless you have to. There is so much sediment that is built up that the vis will go to zero and I ran a line up it so that we could see how to get back to the main line. The vis will quickly return as there is some flow out of the cave and the sink is not far from the entrance.
  Scott, Sara & baby Samantha, Chip, Tom......additional photos can be seen on Scott & Saras site: