The photos below are from the VBtech meeting and artifact show. This page contains the speakers and other people at the show. Feb 1 , 2003

Jackie Smith talks on CCR.

Jackie also shows his BioMarine 500 CCR.
Capt. Johnny talks on Hatteras wrecks. Nancy, Victor and Stella get a kick out of his presentation.
Christina talks on NJ wrecks, like the SS Carolina. And the USS Murphy.
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Robert Frump spoke on the Marine Electric.Robert I got attacked at the show and the ring leader was Greg Masi.
Someone had put out a contract hit on me. A blade was drawn.
And a lock of my hair taken. This ain't over Greg.........
Everyone enjoyed the speakers. Dave Hinkle and Nancy hang out in LDC.
These girls are related;-) Pete and Brian talk for awhile.
Charlie, Dave and Jackie hang out during the break. Tom Sawicki gave pointers on gear all day.
Alan and Roy. Charlie and Paul.
Christina, Bill, and Andrew. Jim Cobbs "boss" and kids.