The photos below are from the VBtech guest speakers and artifact show on Feb 7, 2004. Sorry I did not have my camera when Jim Bunch was speaking on the U-85.

John Moyer does a presentation on the Andrea Doria.

John explained the history and what lead to him obtaining salvage rights to the Andrea Doria.
Greg Masi gave a detailed history of wreckdiving and the gear. Tom Sawicki gave an explanation of the Oxygen Window.
Big Mike Hiller and John Moyer. Denny Morse & John Moyer, Denny was one of the divers who helped recover the Statue while on 14 days leave as a USN salvage diver. This was the first time they had ever met. John recovered the base years later.
Capt Jt's dive truck E350 Box Van.
The truck will have everything.
Right now it has bunks, LCD TV, VHS, DVD and can carry tons of gear.

Lets Go Diving!
Bill Weatherford and friends display.. Capt Bobby Cox.
Big Mike . Big Mike .
Rick Atkins . Pete Manchee .
Pete Manchee . John Moyer .
Greg Masi Capt JT
Ostfriesland Blueprint .
Capt JT Dr Tom Sawicki
Gavin with Halcyon housing and dual 50watt HID lights mounted, Gavin with Halcyon housing mounted, and an SS scooter. Andrea Doria Bell
Andrea Doria Window. Admiral Andrea Doria.
Nancy with her refresher students. In the pool.