The photos below are from a few different dives.

A couple of Lobsters I got on a night dive to the Tiger.

I guess she didn't want her photo taken.
A young babe on the night dive. She was all over Mike........
This is Ed. Dave,Ann, Tom, and Brad going out to put the mooring lines on the Brass Spike.
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It was a flat afternoon.. Tom and Brad get ready to set the first one.

Dave helps Brad get ready.

This is a night dive I ran. Matt failed the "TEST".
Capt Gary and Tom. Alex, one of the DM's on the Flying Fish.
Kim and Tom on the way to the Morgan. Got to like them flat seas.
Capt Jay takes us to the Morgan. Tom's and my gear along with the mooring lines for the Morgan.
Off to the Powell for a day of diving. The Flying Fish.
Capt Fred . This is what happens to cave divers on a rolly day.
It was kinda funny. He didn't think so.