The photos below are from the VBtech dive to the" Washington" depth 300ft.
This the wreck "Washington", here you can see the it comes up to 251ft. Capt JT just be fore the dive.
Todd gets ready to go dive the wreck. Dave Widen gets ready to go.
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Bill Ripley follows. Mike Fantone goes in also.
This is a Sunfish swimming around the "Miss iIndsey" during the guys deco, so cool. Hard to see him here.
There he goes. Brad enters the water to do his support.
I help MJB go in. Mike Rodriguez goes with him.
I go in as Becky helps MHK get ready. He leaves the boat.
Here you can see where I got my line in the prop. Here is a better shot.
Rick with a bug off the unknown wreck in 140ft. This is what I got off the unknown wreck, I caught the fish with my hands.
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