The photos below are from my dive on January 9th. We dived the wrecks "Webster & Phil Mabery" . The temp was 50 degrees top to bottom, vis was 20ft. We dived off the Miss Lindsey out of Va Beach.

Bill and Harold talk on the way out.

Bob works on the sticky buns for breakfast.
Capt. Charlie takes us to the wreck and I do the tie in for the dives. The lead line from the hangbar, goes to the anchor line and then to the wreck "Webster".
The first thing you see was the top of the stern. I made the tie in just forward of the stern.
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Hey that looks kinda like the bow, but the guys say it was the stern. Manhole covers were all open, the wreck is an artificial one.
Big holes in the sides of the wreck shows how they sunk her. Harold looks over the wreck.
I'm not sure who that is. Lunch is being made. Hot Dogs!
Harold is all smiles. This is a wet suit diver, looks cold don't he?
Brian coming back from his dive. The mate Joe, and Yes those are his bungee wings to the right POORLY RIGGED!
Those wet suit guys look cold. I almost got a shot of Bill in the buff :-)Boy that's a scary thought!
I'll give you one guess what Bill is doing off the back of the boat and he ain't checkin the depth or temp of the water! I got " Little Larry the lobster" off the Phil Mabery.
The prop is still on the wreck and easy to find. A couple of old steel handwheels that are no good.
Joe came back from his dive and said he found some good stuff. He sure did, those 2 old steel handwheels that are pieces of shit ;-)
Our wet suit diver Bob after his second dive said he had to pee, but couldn't find IT! So he took a deep breath and plugged his lips and forced it out! :-)
After all that he got to eat the last sticky bun!v