The photos below are from a Bed & Breakfast I gave Nancy for Christmas. We had never done one so we stayed close to home. I choose a place called "The White House" in Williamsburg, Va. We visited the historic area.

The White House B&B. This is the Courthouse.
The Magazine and next to it...... ......the Guardhouse.
The Capitol. Colonial characters walk down Gloucester street.
This is the archaeological site "Coffeehouse". The horse-drawn carriage.
The Governor's Palace. A closer look..
The horse again . A closer look at a different one.
Well lets go!. Nancy has a chat with Thomas Jefferson.
We stayed in the Roosevelt Room. It was on the 3rd floor.
It had a sitting room to watch TV......which I watched Dallas lose. That's me.
This is the Breakfast table, we had some fancy kind of pancakes etc. Another room to hang out in.
Which I did a little. And this is the reading room, which leaves me out.